How We Work

At Lumen Financial Strategists, we listen. We spend time with our clients in getting to know them. We want to understand what their concerns and aspirations are.

We gather all the financial information we need to undertake our thorough and comprehensive research. By doing this, it enables us to develop tailored strategies that will assist our clients to achieve their goals be these personal, business or both. We explain the outcomes of the strategies and give clients the confidence and the understanding to make the right decisions that will help them realise their goals.

At Lumen Financial Strategists, we are continuously researching new strategies and enhancing services to be at the forefront of latest developments. We cut through the noise and focus on fact. This will ensure that Lumen clients continue to remain on track to achieve their objectives in this ever-changing world.

What Sets Us Apart – The Lumen Point of Difference


At Lumen, it is all about focussing on our Clients’ needs and developing tailored strategies that have the greatest potential to achieve their goals. The selection of products to support the strategies, although important, is secondary to what drives our advice process.

At Lumen Financial Strategists, we can do this because Lumen is not owned by any bank, superannuation fund, investment manager or insurance company.

At Lumen, it is all about providing Clients with financial freedom and security.

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